Posted by: normanlgreen | August 4, 2012

Dream, August 4, 2012 super worm and the spade’s blade

Dream, home, 3pm nap

Daniel, my nephew, works with me in the narrow garden patch beside the back walkway. He digs with the thin black spade.

As he over-turns some dirt, a massive earthworm is exposed. Daniel’s blade has cut two-thirds of the way through the soft pink body of the worm.

The worm tires to re-bury itself, but the front-end does not communicate with the back-end. The last strip of connective tissue is strained and begins to tear. Bright red drops of blood appear on both sides of the cut. At the split you can see that the creature has a diameter equal to that of my own wrist. I encourage Daniel to complete the cut, as there are sever fibrous strands that the worm cannot tear – they stretch, but will not break. He has put down the shovel.

I pick-up the short-handled spade and cut the two halves free of each other.

“See?” I ask as the two halves disappear down different holes, “Now there will be two super worms.”

Daniel shakes his head, unsure that either half will survive. I lay a hand on his shoulder and try to give him comfort.


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