Posted by: normanlgreen | August 6, 2012

Dream, august 6, 2012

Dream, home, 5:30am

Knowing that a fire is coming, taking the valuables off the walls – first thousands of dollars tacked in place, then purchase orders. Each of three partners has a wall on which he has posted valuable papers.

Before we close up the shop and flee the fire, we have to wait while Jan finished a project for a friend. Another man wants to make color pads. As I remove the money, someone asks: “Isn’t it bad luck to remove the first dollar earned, the one that you tacked to the wall?” I counter by asking: “Isn’t it bad business to display every dollar that you subsequently earned?”

Frustrated by the knowledge that there will be a business card print job for the children of the queen – 25 finished cards of each design, though there are ten images per sheet – somehow I am going to get the short stick from Her Majesty.

Her children tour as a musical group called “The Swing-Six Five”.  They need their business cards to promote their concerts.


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