Posted by: normanlgreen | August 7, 2012

Dream, August 7, 2012 Nuclear Secrets of WWII

Dream, home, 6:20am

On the northern coast of France, near the Belgian border, there is a secret nuclear site. At the end of the European portion of the Second World War, the allies detonated a small prototype thermal nuclear device. This is the big secret of WWII. This detonation convinced the German military to surrender.

I have been sent to find artifacts and witnesses and to test for lingering radioactivity. We are to expose the secret and the further horrors of nuclear war. I travel on foot, and as I ask directions in the little villages, people are evasive, as though they were complicit with the cover-up, without knowing why.

It is nearly sunset when I arrive in the town, walking a coast road. The beaches have white sand and the town is of a white-yellow sandstone, which shines in the late light. No sign of damage to the centuries old buildings. I find my wife has moved to this town. We hold each other as we have been forcibly separated for years.


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