Posted by: normanlgreen | August 10, 2012

Dream, August 10, 2012 horseback reconnaissance & blood art

Dream, home 6:14 am

Sent on a recon mission to ride on horseback in the mountains. A ski area in summer without its snow. Steve owns a lodge where there has been a fire. I am to take pictures and have prints made to send to him. Horse starts to walk as I am climbing onto his back, so I hug into his neck while I get seated. The sun is going down behind the ridge. It has just rained, which melted the last of the snow, so the ground is very wet. The colors are deeply saturated, reds and yellows. Inside the lodge, cloudy panels of visqueen have been stretched over the areas most damaged by the fire, so the weather will be kept out of the unaffected portions of the lobby. Work crew has quit for the day, temporary lighting on tripods. Return with pictures – not enough to satisfy Steve or his insurance company.

Back in the city below the mountain, I visit an art museum.  A piece on display would qualify as “found object”. Sixty years ago, an artist declared her couch to be art and put it in a gallery show. The couch has low back and arts, ugly mottled orange and green print upholstery and detached cushions. The piece is titled on a card mounted to the wall: “It won’t happen again”. I turn over one of the loose cushions that lays against the back of the seat. It has blood stains. I wonder, was someone killed here, did she lose her virginity upon it, is this menstrual blood, or has the blood arrive since it became art? As it replace the cushion, I see fresh blood upon the seat. Desecration or art in development?


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