Posted by: normanlgreen | August 11, 2012

Dream, August 11, 2012 Black Forest, Gray Caves, Hidden Outpost

Dream, home 4:50am

Some friends have been forced out of society. They are not allowed to live in town, but have been banished to a dark forest. Like in the German Black Forest, the canopy of branches and leaves is so thick, that no undergrowth can survive.

As I step from a cultivated field into the woods, the sunlight penetrates only a few yards. The uniform thickness of the trunks of the trees suggests that the forest is very old – hardwoods a yard and a half across and irregularly spaced. My eyes trace up the trunks into the tangle of branches.  I do not see green, but the deepest black I have known.  Before the light fails I see that the ground and the huge protruding roots are all of the same gray color, like powdered concrete. I follow G on his path.  He will lead me to where the outcasts have established a home.

We trot through the spaces between the trees, hopping over the exposed knees of the tree roots. Gradually the gray trees give way to broken stone of the same dull color.

G leads me into a narrow gap in a cliff side. The path angles up and I must use my hands to help myself along. The stone feels cold and gritty. This system of caves is unknown to all except the forest dwellers, the outcasts. The dull light grows stronger and warmer in hue until the walls open outward and we step into a courtyard in front of an aged stone construction.

Water drips from a grate in the cave’s ceiling. It falls in a rectangular pattern onto a flat stone, also rectangular, wider than it is deep, and several yards across. The stone is raised from the floor of the cave by a few inches and the water runs off of its right-angled edge to the front side, so the slope is towards us and away from the gate to the building before us. I ask G if the water is clean or is it street run-off from a city above us.


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