Posted by: normanlgreen | August 23, 2012

Dream, August 23, 2012 in the service of the prince

Dream, home, 5:10 am

Work as emissary for a young Indian prince.  There is a territory war between him and the rest of his family. It has become clear that he will lose.

His mother sends a buy-out payment to have him publicly declare that he has lost the war. I see him in his quilted silk robes as he examines the pay-off, a check for two thousand four hundred and seventy-five US dollars. The other part is a token, a large denomination bill of their own country’s currency.

The front shows the boy’s Queen Mother, while its second side depicts an historical event from an earlier date in the family’s power struggle. He takes a pen and writes upon the bill, changing dates and descriptions. He will not accept history as recorded on this money.



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