Posted by: normanlgreen | August 24, 2012

Dream, August 24, 2012 interview on the festival site

Dream, home, 6:20 am

Backstage at a music festival. I speak with one of the musicians. He has been working with the same core of people for forty-five years, both the on stage and support people. He is very even keeled and speaks in a soft voice – he may be saving it for singing, preserving his passions for the material.

I stand on the grass to the left hand side of a flatbed trailer onto which wooden counters have been mounted. The musician, principal songwriter of his group, sits on the counter and leans close to me as we talk about his life with the group. He is dressed in his stage regalia, buckskins with dangling feathers – de rigueur for the time of his emergence as a star – I think he may be Stephen Stills. He admits that at forty-five years history, the people in the group get along more easily, yet spend less time together – perhaps because they spend less time together. I ask him if I can guess at who has proven to be the most difficult, without him having to name names. A tall man with curls of red hair to his shoulders walks down the grassy hill toward us. “That one.” I say. The singer nods without looking at me.

Another of his singing partners joins the conversation. I comment on the great good fortune that they had to have met each other at the right moment in their lives – not only these two but all of the session people over the years. Both heartily agree.

The red-haired man joins our group. He wants to distract me from a story the second man is telling. The red-haired man launches into a parable about two farmers who happen upon a ditch behind a monastery. As he describes, my imagination shifts to his every spoken image. I hear the other man’s story going in the background, but can neither hear nor see him clearly.



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