Posted by: normanlgreen | August 27, 2012

Dream, August 27, 2012

Dream, home, 5: 15am

Been sent to a rich peoples party disguised as a notoriously unpredictable pop star. The hosts and guests will put up with whatever I do or ask because of this reputation. I have a contact in the know who is staying in a bungalow on the outskirts of the property – she stays there with her toddler daughter.

Directing an improvisational film with a sometimes actress. She will improvise a scene from within the shower stall, with the water running. I do not film her, but record the sound track. I go to the dining room where I find a digital video camera among the piles of other times. When I test the machine, the tape transfer mechanism is very noisy – the sound will be recorded with her dialog. During the delay while I wrap the camera to muffle the noise, the actress loses confidence that I will come back. She turns off the water and prepares to leave the shower. I ask her to have patience. She says “I have a kinesthetic disorder.” I do not understand her meaning. She says “I fear abandonment.” I show her that the lens cap is over the lens, so we will only be recording her voice, so she can be comfortable that I am not grabbing some cheese-cake shots through the frosted glass.



he died at birth though his body never learned.

he walks at forty but the worm has turned.

Never met a friend so he goes it alone

won’t take a seat ’til he finds his throne.


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