Posted by: normanlgreen | August 30, 2012

Dream, August 30, 2012 food police & spider maze

Dream, home, 6:05am

In a populous city, the government encourages neighbors to report on the eating habits of each other. “If you know what a man eats, you know what he has.” “To encourage a friend to eat fat-free is to offer him another day of life.” Slogans are everywhere, printed and piped through loudspeaker systems.

I walk through the crowded streets and pass a doughnut shop that has a tower under construction. At first glance I think it is to resemble a rocket ship. When I look back over my shoulder, it show itself to have been modeled on the onion topped tower of an Eastern Orthodox church. To my right, a hall is overflowing with members of the electrician’s union where they debate on on-going strike.

Another block down the street, I cross and enter a coffee house. It is noisy and packed with people drinking from mugs and playing table games. I sit at a table near the front, where one of the electricians, a burly man with a bushy beard, has to fish live insects from a quart size metal can. Obstructions have been welded to the inside of the can – disused pieces of broken machinery. The bugs move through the maze, and the electrician uses a pair of chopsticks to trap them and bring them out to the table top.

As I watch, he coaxes a brown and white spider to cling to the chop sticks.  I turn in my seat to face the front windows of the cafe.  As he lifts the spider over my shoulder, the arachnid dives off.  The electrician scoops him from my back and brings it in front of me.  The spider inflates a soft-skinned ivory colored balloon on her back, and throws a line of web up to the ceiling.  She bobs in space before me.  My table mate asks me what is on her back.  I suggest that it is an egg sack.  He breaks the thread that holds her aloft and takes the spider into the palm of his hand, with the bulb side down.  When she scampers away, two crushed flies remain in his hand.


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