Posted by: normanlgreen | September 7, 2012

Dream, September 7, 2012 postage rates & abandoned bicycle

Dream, home, 5:10 am

Stash my bicycle in the downstairs store portion of a two-story post office. Up the stairs a crowd waits in a tight lobby before the cashier cages.

A woman leans on a counter and puts stamps of low value (five to twenty cents) onto rebate coupons from Village Books. She has saved a quarter-inch of these cards to send in all at once. I point out that the cards are eight and half inches long and therefore do not qualify for a post card rate (6 inch maximum width) but require forty-five cents stamps. She is displeased. – appears to be calculating the lost value of the rebates, based upon higher postage than anticipated.

The crowd in the room makes no progress, so I decide to come back at a later time. I offer to carry the rebate cards to the book store as it is one of the stops on my route. She does not trust me enough.

I leave via the stairs. My bike is tangled in the spinning displays of postal supplies. I abandon the bicycle, leaving the building to a bright day.


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