Posted by: normanlgreen | October 9, 2012

Dream, October 9, 2012 the prince’s ransom

Dream, home, 6:15am

Kidnapped royals are taken to a 15th century house. The young people (prince and princess) believe it is a rummage sale. The prince shows up with an old hat balanced on his head and asks his captor how much he wants for it.

The apartment where they are held becomes a rummage sale as we, the liberators, take it over from the kidnappers and are encouraged to loot. I am interested in the collection of building toys for young children – snap together triangles and posts, various kits from the series stored in their boxes on the nursery shelves.

The owner (Charles Laughton) shows up and demands 70 pounds from each of the looters. He points to a pair of boots worn by one of the looters. “those cost me 270 pounds, it seems a fair price to ask.”

I go to the ground floor to round-up some cash. There a cafeteria is in shambles – tables have been removed, cookies crushed into the blue carpet. Off-stage, in the kitchen, the staff cheers the chaos. A dessert booth attendant hands out free cream cakes, but I have become wary of things advertised as being free.



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