Posted by: normanlgreen | October 14, 2012

Dream, October 14, 2012 shell in the cemetery

Dream, home, 5:30am

A raised cemetery, square, stands four feet above the surrounding sidewalk. I walk between the flat monument stones, not looking for anyone, but enjoying the sunshine and the glare off of the white stones. Along the way I pick up rocks, round or jagged, and one shell of a sea-snail. The surrounding wall rises 2 feet above the paths between the monuments. There are regularly spaced sandstone decorations on the top face of the wall. Each is decorated with a unique design. I find that Ray has the pleasant job of maintaining the sandstone, repairing chips in the designs by filing them and smoothing the curves with sandpaper. He does not patch the material but only removes part of the design in the repair process, so each of the these squares with their swirls and ovals gets smaller and thinner the more it is maintained.

I stand to the outside and on the top of the chest-high wall, I line up the rocks and the single shell that I have collected. I think I will return to the inside and mark some of the monuments for having been visited. I wonder if the sea-snail shell, with its lovely swirl, will be appropriate – does this count a shellfish?



  1. I see you write down your dreams. May I ask why?

    • long-standing habit. it is a good exercise in description and encourages me to write every day.
      hope you need no such excuse. take care, nlg

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