Posted by: normanlgreen | December 4, 2012

Dream, December 4, 2012 evolution of intelligence

Dream, home, 5:05 am

We return to a planet on which we had previously left some biological samples, plants and simple animal life. I am surprised to find rows of trees with braided branches and trunks. The trees are so regularly spaced, and the weave of the branches about the trunks of the adjacent trees is too consistent for this to occur naturally. I toy with the idea that the plants have evolved an intelligence, assumed the community mentality of the animal specimens, perhaps absorbed the animals within their own genetic structure.

I part the thick, waxy leaves and see a two-lane road, with pickup trucks driving past me. We must have been gone for longer than we perceived – an effect of relativity? Something like human life and society has developed in our twenty year absence. The people appear unnaturally calm and pleasant. I do not trust them for their limited range of emotion.


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