Posted by: normanlgreen | December 9, 2012

Dream, December 9, 2012 Mountain Capital & The Sea Spine

Dream, home, 4:40am

Approach a capital building, something like the U.S. Congress, with two wide wings, a tall dome in the center, many marble steps leading to a colonnade entrance. But this building has been carved into the side of a marble mountain that frames its back side.

I enter the building from the East – strong morning light shoots into the open center of the rotunda in shafts cut by the column. I look over the balustrade that protects the milling crowd from falling and see deep into the earth. Many levels open onto the wide space, mine is near the top.

I climb stone stairs to the top story where the ceilings hang low and a crossed by stone support beams. As I walk to the Western wing, I crouch at each beam to pass beneath it. I wonder how taller people manage. There is a sense of great weightiness pressing down from above, which I am more aware of as I approach the roof. This is the oldest part of the building. As it has been carved into the mountain over centuries, the levels near the surface would have been made first. The floors have settled into waves of cobblestone worn slick and uneven by thousands of feet.

At the far Western edge, the ceiling opens up into a wide room where the original senators lived communally while the legislature was in session. Windows let in the blue light from the outside world and the feeling is less oppressive than in the hallway that led here. The room is kept as a scant museum to the history of the structure. There I meet a bearded man with dwarf-like features, the caretaker. He has found a long wooden crate, perhaps a coffin, abandoned some time in the past. He hopes to sell it without getting into trouble.

Later: I am sent far to sea. There is a ridge-line in the water known as the spine of the earth. Along this meridian line, the sea water churns in parallel curls, like a surfer’s breaking wave, but perpetually turning in a lengthy tube. At first I believe that the water pours down into the “spine”, but on closer examination, I find that it curls outward, that this is where the sea water comes to the surface of the Earth.

The energy of these barrel of moving water overwhelms people, yet they are drawn to it. Many have taken their chances and have disappeared into the “spine”.

I dive in and penetrate to the hollow center of one of the curls. Inside it is perfectly safe and comfortable. Each of the parallel barrels moves independently of those next to it, but it is possible to pass from one to the next through a series of regularly-spaced stable slots in the curved wall. I am able to roll from one curl to the next when the slots from one align with that of the adjacent wave. In this way I pass safely across the “spine” and out to the calm waters at their edge.


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