Posted by: normanlgreen | December 16, 2012

Dream, December 16, 2012 Quitting, Stealing, Losing, Dieing

Stealing a metal piano roll from the business of a deceased friend, Charlie C. Scene rewound and watched as Marty Feldman steals a tall stack of 35mm film canisters. He pretends that they are pizzas so he can slip past some workers.

Leaving a school function when news breaks that a Muslim family has suffered a double murder. Sit weeping on a cliff-side trail. I can hear the voices of news announcers. Children crawl under a barbed wire fence to get closer to the family’s farm/ tire recycling plant. Ray comes up and insists that I put on a stiff upper lip. He also questions the validity of a military jacket I wear.

I once again pass by the school where the Principal smells the breath of several students. She suspects them of drinking before coming onto campus and has them engage her in conversation while she judges how deeply they are under the influence.

Earlier, I quit a show for which I knew none of the dialog. I take up a bass case in which I have stored a Fender Precision bass with a red sunburst finish. I walk through a city until I come to a music store owned a drummer friend, Scott. Inside, I open the case and find that the instrument has been removed. Scott wants to get the police to investigate, but I know that we will never find the guitar. I pass down an aisle with cymbals displayed on tall stands. I fantasize that should they fall, a 20 inch ride cymbal would slice me in half.


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