Posted by: normanlgreen | December 22, 2012

Dream, December 22, 2012 tranformation of wine

Dream, home 2:39am

A white linen dining table lit by candles. The surrounding room dark but spacious – this may be a restaurant, but late in the light. We are the only diners. Five of us sit around a table designed for eight. I recognize people from various groups in which I participate. I sit alone on the long East side, a woman and a man seated across from me to the Southwest. They do not speak, but watch me carefully. Others spaced around on the North and South ends.

Our hostess enters the light to my right. She carries a tray and explains that she has decanted a special wine for this special occasion. She moves around the table setting brandy snifters in front of the table guests. Each glass holds two inches of opaque red wine. I wonder why she does not serve it in long stemware.

As she sets the last glass in front of me, she describes the drink as “a smoked salmon merlot”. I know that the couple across from me also no longer drink alcohol – they watch me with concern. I realize that the woman who served is also a non-drinker, so I wonder if the wine is safe.

I take some into my mouth. It feels thick on my tongue – a dense suspension. I can taste the smoke in the grape and a little salt, but with the faint burn of alcohol. I let it run from my lips, back into the snifter, knowing that I have spoiled the wine for anyone who can appreciate it. The wine, while in my mouth, through Eucharistic transformation, has become blood.


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