Posted by: normanlgreen | January 11, 2013

Dream, January 11, 2013 lest I forget

Dream, home, 12:23am

I have been released from prison, having forgotten my name. My captors have also forgotten who I was. I walk out into the world without an identity.

I approach a low gray building with a flat roof. To the Northeast, in the cloudy sky, I see the silhouette of a kite against the rain clouds. I spread my arms and feel myself being lifted. As I approach the height of the roof, the wind intensifies, and I rise abruptly. The wind flutters in my ears as I reach a stable position above the building. I sense a battle in the distance and know that I have been a soldier. I drop to the roof, which is now a grassy ridge line.

I turn back in the direction from which I have walked and flown. I see two bearded men. One is large and walks, wrapped in a blanket, with dissipated authority. He is a general and his only company is the second man, a clown and a poet of no real use to the officer, but the last of the troops and his loyal aide-de-camp. The assistant struggles to carry a dilapidated attaché case as he followed the dogged steps of the General. I wave to them then trot down the ridge so I can join their company.

I announce that I will assist with the General’s cannonade and lead them to the battle in the North. The thin poet/clown looks at me with relief and tears. I know their future is grim, but have, at least, remembered that I am a soldier.

Lear, his fool and now Kent.


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