Posted by: normanlgreen | January 21, 2013

Dream, January 21, 2013

Dream, home 5:15 am

A friendly competitor has me print black ink on some oddly die-cut shells. The artwork falls inconsistently as the material will not feed well into the press. As compensation for my effort, they arrange for me to receive discounted dvds at a relative’s convenience store.

A cavernous indoor pool. The light between the floor and the ceiling is tinted aqua. It looks like a 1930s movie set with wide-radius curved lines in parallel patterns. Even the hanging mist is tinted blue. A crowd of us stand in shallow water at one end of thw white plaster pool looking toward the deep end. Someone needs to swim down through the drain in order to perform some heroic act, but no one will volunteer.



  1. I missed the title of the piece until after I finished reading. I thought you were actually recounting the events of your day, and I was interested in hearing more. That’s a nice dream, sounds almost peaceful, I especially like the imagery around the pool. Very vivid.

    • …Actual enough within my head. Many is the morning when I cannot tell the dividing line.


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