Posted by: normanlgreen | February 9, 2013

Dream, February 9, 2013 POTUS at the Swim Meet

Dream, home, 3:33 am

The director of a premiere opera has placed me in the audience. I am to improvise on a mandolin. Other musicians have been similarly sprinkled about the house. As the orchestra (which works from a score) commences, I join in, finding little licks to add color. Before long, I am over-playing, leaving no space – this is not what the director intended, so I pace myself, laying-out for long stretches. I hear a French horn off to my right, a violin behind. Each of us chips-in only when we feel the inclination.

Later, I attend a swim meet with a friend who has grand children entered in the competition. We watch from a glass walled room beside the pool and below the waterline – an aquarium of people. My friend tells me of her frustrations with her children and the way they handle their finances. “she borrows money so she can take a trip to Vegas – and tells that it is because she ‘deserves it’”. As she vents, I notice cracks in the upper end of one of the panels of the glass wall that stands between us and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. The cracks weep slightly and water gets between the glass and a plastic coating that tints and strengthens the window. I know that it will give way soon.

The President of the United States enters through a door in front of me. He looks dejected as he slumps onto the bench beside me. He is my brother. I am over-come with compassion. He leans over to tell me: “You may as well find out now – I will be retiring next week.” I ask: “Is it a health issue?” He closes his eyes and purses his lips as he nods.

The upper portion of the compromised glass wall gives way. Pool water spills into the observation room. People shift out of the way, but find seats on benches further from the hole.

I give the President a hug as he cries.



  1. ..fabulous..

    • wish i could convey the cool blue candy-colored light that passed through the churning water.

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