Posted by: normanlgreen | February 11, 2013

Dream, February 11, 2013

Dream, home, 6:40am

Many interruptions to sleep, all night long.

Postman who hunts dogs and has been evicted for his scary behavior around children.

Sherwin and I go to the movies where he is in the audience. We are glad that he will no longer be coming to our house.

His pregnant wife has a different cover-story for their having to move – mores space needed for the baby.

A yellow dog climbs through the black rafters above our theatre seats. The postman takes aim with his rifle. I ask him to stop. He lowers his gun and says: “yellow dogs make for stringy meat.”

The man sings a song in waltz-time:  “I goofed again – I goofed again.”

His wife ignores him.  I hope he leaves before the movie starts.


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