Posted by: normanlgreen | February 17, 2013

Dream, February 17, 2013 Dog Competition

Dream, home, 6:33am

Living in a trailer park with a family that owns two Dalmatian dogs. The park is laid-out in a broad green valley.

All of the neighborhood has been invited to participate in a big dog show. Each year, this gets the competitive spirit rising. The women seem to take this particularly seriously, creating elaborate costumes for themselves, their families and their animals. We are new to the mobile home park, so this is our first experience with the competition.

I walk through the neighborhood near sundown and see that all of the women have outfitted themselves in black and white spotted print – in the pattern of Dalmatians. For a highlight color, they have all used a magenta satin for sleeves, skirts, scarves, etc. My guess is that there is an annual theme that was not mentioned in the printed invitation.

I rush back to our house where I find the mother of the family worried and confused. I tell her about the costumes that I have seen. She has seen them from the window and feels unprepared. My suggestion is that she dress as simply as possible so that the judges will see her lovely and well-behaved dogs – they already fit-in with the theme of the show.

Outside, people and dogs gather on a platform central to the trailer park. Kids bounce around and the dogs have their trouble staying focused. The dogs are divided into four groups and are led away by special handlers. I suspect something will happen to cause havoc. During the troubles, the two Dalmatians will distinguish themselves with a heroic act.


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