Posted by: normanlgreen | March 12, 2013

Dream, March 12, 2013 Funeral Games

Dream, home 5:05 am

Concentrated male energy in a basement meeting room.

We have lost the leadership of a men’s organization. The twenty of us gather in a gray basement to determine succession. The business is as serious as a children’s game – competition for what little power is available makes the contest more fierce for the limited size of the prize.

Unpainted concrete walls are pockmarked and reach fifteen feet to the joists of the floor above us. Half a dozen at a time, men scramble up the sides, desperate rock climbers imitating the movements of spiders. Fingers clutch at the tiny holes in the concrete for purchase. Some move as if they carry no more weight than an insect, others strain to lift themselves.

Down on the floor, each takes his turn customizing a document. Certain phrases must be kept in the application essay, but the goal is to fill in the blanks with the fewest words. Ink costs and brevity scores higher than clarity.


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