Posted by: normanlgreen | April 5, 2013

Dream, April 5, 2013 Record War

Dream, home, 5:10 am

Brown paper packages. Each is very weighty for its size. Three of us open them. Inside we find 78rpm records and vinyl LPs. None of the records have covers. The third man declares a record war. He moves to a spot on the floor across the room from us and crawls behind a chair.

We peep through the spindle holes to take aim at the LP that each holds in front of him as a combination shield and weapon. I look across to the red label of his disk and try to read the titles of the tracks, but the print is too small at this distance. Each of us shifts around, I tuck myself behind my team mate.

I am the first to “fire” by making the “p-shew” sound known to every child who has ever played war. I see a tiny dent form on the face of the enemy’s LP. The disk must be made of aluminum, as the dibbit is silver nestles among the shiny black grooves of the record’s surface.


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