Posted by: normanlgreen | April 6, 2013

Dream, April 6, 2013, Paid-out in Onions

Dream, home, 4:40 am

Accidentally wind up on a combination cruise ship and jumbo jet. I cannot tell if we are traveling on the sea or in the air, but can feel the motion and the engines.

All of the other passengers belong, but I am so obviously out of place that some of the staff work to reduce my disadvantages. A steward gives to me a jet pack so I can quickly get away from aggressive passengers. The jet pack has the added advantage of being invisible. The steward demonstrates by briefly engaging the engine. As I watch he has difficulty holding onto the transparent object, while the air is visibly disturbed by the jet pack’s flame.

I decide to host a game in the gambling parlor. Three men sit to my table to play a trivia game based upon the adventure writing of a Texas novelist named Ken Folley. The improvised rules are so complex that the players are more confused than engaged. Right from the get-go each of them wins valuable chips – represented by giant vidalia onions. Before the first round is completed, each has a stack of the flat bulbs standing before him on the table. Some of their answers are incomplete, so I slice some thinner portions of the onions. The gamblers cannot believe their good fortune and smile like new millionaires.


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