Posted by: normanlgreen | April 27, 2013

Dream, April 27, 2013 Unlicensed Pilot & Manhood

Dream, home, 4:40am


I am to pilot a man to the next town. We are to fly a twin prop plane. I have not flight experience, but have some ground school time, so two women with actual experience will fly an accompanying plane. We will not tell my passenger that I am not a pilot.

Walking to the airport, I get ahead of the other three and have to double-back, cross a four lane street twice that I might walk up behind them.

After we are checked-in at the airport, our clothes are transformed into costumes, stylized zoot suits with suitable hats. The fabric glows. All four of us are aware the clothes are magical.

After take-off, I am to pass over a lamp-post, rolling one wheel on the top of the lamp housing to signal the following plane that we are alright.


Earlier: I am in my middle thirties and taking a group of scouts on a trek that starts in the woods and ends in a city – the city is one that recurs in my dreams, a commercial section of two and three-story buildings from the late 1800s. Re-gentrification is spotty. Late morning sun pours up the street from the south.

We complete the hike at a wide spot on the sidewalk where a tarp has been stretched over a frame to shelter a microphone stand. All of the scouts and their adult leaders mill around this area. After I sense that we are all in place I notice one young man who looks upset, on the verge of tears. I ask him to recite some piece of dogma about teamwork – knowing that he has a talent for memorization.

He starts to speak the piece, but instead of facing outward to the small crowd and delivering the speech into the microphone, he faces the scouts. Once he completes the piece he extemporises on the ideas behind the dogma. He says that to perform a task alone only strengthens the wall of isolation, while working in a group forms interconnecting bridges between individuals, that they do not lose their individuality in this process, but rather confirm their identity while creating a new structure of great integrity. When he finishes speaking, I see that his shoulders have broadened, that he has gained in stature, stamina and confidence. He stands before us, a man.


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