Posted by: normanlgreen | May 14, 2013

Dream, May 13, 2013 Escape from University

Dream, home, 3:20am

To run an errand, I have crossed a university campus. Now it is dark night and I am anxious to return. In a parking lot beside a dormitory, two large men talk. One departs as I approach. I don’t plan to engage in conversation, but the remaining man insists on talking with me. He is friendly acting, with a practiced smile. He convinces me to ride in his van across the valley of the campus. He slides across to his place behind the wheel, having entered from the passenger side. He leans toward my open door as I approach. An arm and fist strike out from the back seat, clocking the driver on the jaw. I realize the punch was meant for me.

I run into the lit doorway of the dormitory. The hall is a line of small bedrooms. Kids hang out in the hall, music playing from some of the open doors. I bolt for the far end of the building. There I expect another door, but end up in a mop closet. I back up a couple of rooms and find the exit to the front of the building. I leave through this one, cross an open space and enter another university building. Though the entrance is at ground level, I find this one is built into the side of the hill, so I am too many stories above the ground when I hope to exit. Renovators have installed a vinyl shoot to one of the windows. They throw the waste from the demolition process down this blue plastic chute and into waiting dumpsters. To keep the tube from sealing up, they have treated the inside with graphite powder – like that in a car’s air bag. Makes it easier to deploy. A man convinces me to dive down the chute. When I reach the bottom, photographers take my picture, as a strange twisted hair-do has formed on my head like the top of a soft ice cream cone.

Variations on the college campus set in a valley, and the concept of having to cross the strip of land, has recurred at least four times in as many years.


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